Derived from Thermal Imaging camera technology, T3i detects differences in temperature at the surface.


Purpose-built companion software. Smart.

Smarter inspections start with smarter software. The T3i companion software provides real-time data to let you detect differences in surface temperature at a distance. Once you're done, your reports are automatically uploaded to Termatrac Cloud for analysis and customer reporting.

  • Thermal sensor calculates the average temperature of a circular area, reading a distance to spot ratio within a circular area.
  • Time-series analysis and reporting
  • More accurate and informative inspection



Point & tap. Simple.

Using the T3i is as simple as point & tap. The T3i thermal sensor reads and measures surface temperature changes at a distance which can help discover termite infestations in hard-to-reach places. 

  • Calculates average temperature of a circular area
  • Ratio of 12:1. Calculate a 1cm area for every 12cm's distance
  • Ideal for detecting small variances in temperature

Eco friendly. Safe.

By using the T3i to make precision-level treatments, you can cut costs and save the environment. The T3i is also made with operator safety in mind, following all EMC standards.

  • Reduced chemical use
  • EMC Regulation Compliant
  • Low-microwave emissions
  • Critical sensors aimed away from the operator

Termatrac Cloud

Cloud-based analysis, updates and customer reporting.