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Jim Williamson"The Termatrac T3i is an awesome tool that every pest professional doing termite work needs to have in his toolbox... It's quite amazing. If you're a company trying to go green, you can pinpoint termites and use less Chemicals... If you're looking for WOW factor for your company - THIS IS IT!

It's cutting-edge technology at its best. We are winning contract after contract. The phone is ringing off the hook. We are up about 50%. It has extended our season throughout the year. The best part is the bottom line - the T3i's turned my business around!"

Jim Williamson, Bug Smashers (Florida, USA)


Paulmantelcompletetermite"A few months ago we decided to invest in the T3i to improve our work with Termites and what a great decision that was.

Our work regarding termite detection has tremendously improved and therefore our treatment can now be pinpointed. Not only is this an effective manner of treatment but looks great in front of our customers.

From a marketing point of view the T3i has raised our professional profile and it has paid for it self over and over again as we have experienced that other companies can not resolve certain termite infestations.

I would strongly recommend T3i to any pest management company, it is an essential piece of equipment when dealing with termite control."

Paul Mantel, Complete Termite Systems (NSW, Australia)

Building Inspection Services QLD

"I would like it to be known to you that we have been very impressed by the Termatrac T3i Suite, which we purchased from you on 21st October 2012. This unit has been utilised very successfully in our day to day building and timber pest inspection activities, identifying termite activity without the need for destructive investigation at the inspection stages.
The mobility of the handheld PDA is great and easily employed when needed. The password protection is also considered a great feature of the unit.
For us, we have adopted a process of ?user efficiency?, whereby during the process of a timber pest inspection, areas identified for further investigation (example - abnormal moisture readings) are then marked with tape, which at the end of the inspection, are then further investigated using the Termatrac unit?s radar facility.
The Termatrac unit has significantly improved our confidence in inspection outcomes and inspection reporting to our clients.
The initial contact with Termatrac was pleasant, informative and the training course and user certification invaluable to our business. We like to thank you and your friendly and committed staff for all the assistance provided and your ongoing support."

Bill Wiersma, Building Inspection Services Queensland

robinspest2cropped"I am Craig Robins, from Swan Hill Victoria. I've been working in the Pest Control Industry for 11 years now. First, working for my father, Brian Robins, 'Robins Pest Control' in Swan Hill, who's been in the industry for over 30 years, and is still in the industry. And then ventured out on my own, with my wife Carrie-Ann, about 3 1/2 years ago trading as 'Craig Robins Pest Control'.

My business has continued to grow each year, and I now employ my brother Darren full-time. The growth of my business has been for many reasons, but one being the 'confidence' surrounding using a Termatrac, for the detection of termites.

I've been using a Termatrac for many years now. From the original, to the new T3i with the new Motorolla PDA. It has been such a valuable tool for helping me detect termite activity. I continually find termite activity that has gone undetected by other Pest Control companies that don't use or own a Termatrac.

Also the back up and help I receive from the team at Termatrac is exceptional. They really are leading the way!! I wouldn't do an inspection now without one.

Many of my customers continue to be amazed and intrigued about the Termatrac. They can?t believe it can pick up termite activity in areas such as a wall cavity!

I would encourage any Pest Control business/operator to invest in a Termatrac. Your business will benfit in every way!!"

Craig Robins, Craig Robins Pest Control (VIC, Australia)


I have been using a Termatrac for over 8 years. I find it an invaluable tool to aid my research into bringing new termite control products to the Australian market.


If I conduct a treatment on a house, I like to know all sites of termite activity before commencing, without disturbing the termites. This way when the treatment has been done and I am conducting my subsequent post-treatment inspections, if there is no activity on the Termatrac at the same locations as pre-treatment activity, then the treatment has been successful. A visual assessment can chase termites from an area only for them to return after the experiment has finished. I also find it useful in tracking the entry point into the dwelling.


Overall the Termatrac remains one of my most important termite research tools.


Scott Kleinschmidt, BASF Australia (QLD, Australia)


"In my opinion, its the best industry tool available. My bore scope has not been used since owning my Termatrac termite detection radar."

Barry Spare, Central West Pest - Ex (NSW, Australia)


"I use the Termatrac a lot more than my thermal imaging camera."

Richard Taylor, HouseGuard Pty Ltd (QLD, Australia)


"The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar enables my business to be more professional and offer a more informative termite inspection report for the client in a non-invasive means."

John Graham, Termimesh Pest Management (QLD, Australia)


"If any company is involved with termite work and baiting or dusting control methods, a Termatrac Termite Detection Radar is an invaluable tool in locating the area of most activity with the least disturbance to the foraging termites. It also allows you to check any suspect areas without invasive and damaging inspection methods. A very good tool to have in your termite treatment/inspection portfolio."

David Taylor, Great Sothern Pest & Weed Control (WA, Australia)


"The use of the Termatrac is a great tool to detect and confirm termite presence, allowing to? track movement? to assist with pinpointing entry points."

Paul & Lorraine White, Ponderosa Pest Control (NSW, Australia)


"Without the Termatrac termite radar we would have frequently missed finding termites during inspections. Also it is invaluable in pinpointing the spot to drill or split open timber and plasterboard prior to dusting treatments."

Stephen Gronow, All Care Pest Control Australia Pty Ltd (QLD, Australia)


"Termatrac has been a tool that is constantly in use on each termite job that i undertake. It has got me out of trouble many times. It is very easy to use, it also impresses the clients."

Peter Zimmerman, Eclipse Pest Control (QLD, Australia)


"The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar ensures there is no need to open damaged timber to see if there are termites present - which homeowners appreciate."

Tony Guy, Ultimate Pest Management (QLD, Australia)


"The use of a Termatrac is not only good for the detection of termites but it has become an industry standard. So if there is a termite problem you should have been using it."

Troy Dawson, Dawsons Australia Pty Ltd (VIC, Australia)


"Any termite inspection should always be conducted with the use of a Termatrac Termite Radar device. Live termite activity is easily detected without invasive methods, and it informs the technician of termite presence that would otherwise be overlooked as no visual signs of activity would be apparent."

Neil Ricketts, Brisbane Termite Services (QLD, Australia)


"I was asked by another pest control technician to use my Termatrac Termite Detection Radar on a house which had ongoing termite damage but they were unable to locate the activity. I started at the front door following each wall from the left. Termite activity was quickly located in the laundry area; however, the technician I was with was not convinced. With permission from the owner, he removed the wall lining, but activity was still not visible and he stuck a screwdriver into the bottom plate and it sounded solid.

As the Termatrac Termite Detection Radar was still showing movement and presence of termites in this location, he then used a crowbar and lifted the bottom plate which a single line of termites was located underneath. That was the best find of the year. I rate the Termatrac Termite Detection Radar 10 out of 10."

Dean Foley, DNA Pest Control (NSW, Australia)