Termatrac is the industry leader in termite detection—giving pest control operators and building inspectors the confidence to detect movement inside walls, catch termites at the source and in places never before reached.


Purpose-built companion software. Smart.

Smarter inspections start with smarter software. The T3i companion software provides real-time data to help you see behind walls. Once you're done, your reports are automatically uploaded to Termatrac Cloud for analysis and customer reporting.

  • Real time and activity feedback
  • Time-series analysis and reporting
  • More informed and accurate inspections



Tap & scan. Simple.

Using the T3i is as simple as tap & scan. Termites are discovered without disturbance, allowing efficient treatments and reducing callbacks. In turn, this reduces cost and has less environmental impact in the single treatment phase.

  • No need to pull walls apart or drill holes to find termites — T3i is non-invasive
  • See through timber, brick, masonry, plaster, drywall, plastic and most common building materials
  • Precision-calibrated radar to detect termites and other insects

Eco friendly. Safe.

By using the T3i to make precision-level treatments, you can cut costs and save the environment. The T3i is also made with operator safety in mind, following all EMC standards.

  • Reduced chemical use
  • EMC Regulation Compliant
  • Low-microwave emissions
  • Critical sensors aimed away from the operator

Termatrac Cloud

Cloud-based analysis, updates and customer reporting.