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View a variety of case studies in which the Termatrac T3i was invaluable.
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Wireless and Report Generation

handwithpdaandt3i3Unrestricted Movement of T3i

The Bluetooth wireless link allows the T3i and the PDA to be moved and positioned independently during operation. This means the T3i can be positioned in difficult to reach places and the sensor data viewed in a more comfortable location.

Radar, Moisture and Infrared Thermometer Data Display on the PDA screen
Operator functionality and displays for the Termite Detection Radar, Moisture Sensor and Remote Thermal Sensor are performed on the PDA using easily readable display formats.

PDA Data Analysis and Storage

Store readings in the PDA data application for later off-site analysis and future site follow-up review and report-generation.

Seamless Bluetooth Wireless Integration

As soon as the PDA program is started it will initiate the Bluetooth channel with the T3i device.

PC Export & Report Generation

Export data from the PDA to your PC where the Termatrac Job Manager program allows for easy administration of termite inspection data and associated field logs and notes. Create reports based on any particular job data obtained in the field. This report generation will consolidate the data into a file easily viewable and updatable by any standard PC word processing package.