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Termatrac Product Overview

Termatrac is able to provide a number of innovative products to allow a technician detect, confirm and track termites easier than ever before, with no damage damage to the target structure. Make a selection below to view more details on any of Termatrac's product range.


Termatrac T3i

The Termatrac T3i is the latest tool developed by Termatrac. Created specifically for the purpose of being an all-in-one tool for a termite inspection technician, the T3i combines three different non-intrusive sensors; Termatrac's latest Termite Detection Radar, a specifically developed Moisture Sensor, and a Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide.

Coupled with the processing power of a modern PDA equiped with Bluetooth wireless connection, the Termatrac T3i is the ultimate tool for any true professional.

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