Termite Treatments

Out of the many different types or Termite treatment, there are three common styles of Termite treatment that are available to the building owner.

1. Before a structure is built, the builder or owner may choose to install a physical preventative measure, which is known as a physical barrier. This is usually a mesh or material specifically designed and/or treated to repel or kill Termites on contact. Most commonly, this is placed under the concrete slab that the structure is built on. Warranty regarding this type of treatment can range from five years to twenty-five years, however there are usually conditions to this such as post-lay inspection and regular pest inspections.

2. Another preventative measure that can be taken by a building owner, during construction or afterward, is the application of a chemical barrier. Essentially, a specially formulated chemical is sprayed or injected at appropriate points around the structure, and allowed to travel through natural movement down into the ground. As per a physical barrier, this can be intended to repel or kill Termites, however this method usually has a shorter period of warranty, ranging from one year to ten years in most instances. Inspection times are ensure the barrier is still effective can be quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

3. The most commonly known method of treating Termites is the direct application chemical treatment, when there is already an established Termite presence in the target structure. Depending on the location, the treatment chemical can be injected, sprayed, or blown into a small hole through the structures surface, as close to the centre of the affected area as possible. Due to the construction of Termite workings, chemicals are likely to flow freely through the tunnels and caverns. Different chemicals work in different way; some kill on contact whilst other will allow a Termite to make contact with the chemical, and pass it onto others, before killing the original carrier. Following the initial treatment, there is usually a follow up treatment and/or inspection to confirm the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Most Termite management professionals will advise an annual inspection is appropriate to maintain reassurance the problem does not return.

We recommend you ask your pest management professional more about the specific tactic they use in their treatments. Treatment tactics and methods can vary greatly depending on which species is being eliminated or which geographic location the affected structure is in.