Termatrac Certified Technician and Inspectors undergo a three stage process to ensure they get the correct training and become a Termatrac Certified Technician.

Termatrac products require skill combined with inspection experience to be operated correctly, so our certification is extremely important when searching for a pest controller. Training is also important in achieving the best value for money with our devices—having consistently found that inspectors who avoid training are the ones who have issues with operating the device. At Termatrac we strive to ensure all our new clients who come on board have ongoing support and the correct training so you fully understand the device functions and applications.


Learning Phase

Alongside every T3i unit sold are directions to our practical training videos and certification process. You're required to watch these videos alongside your T3i.


Workshop Phase

Termatrac will keep you up to date with online webinars and workshops in your area. You're required to complete at least one workshop before you can take your exam.


Examination Phase

Once you're ready to proceed, we'll send you an online examination that must be completed within a specific timeframe—upon passing you will be certified.